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          If you're looking for talent and passion that are without threshold, an experienced actor of articulate skill, a visionary artist with wild and pure imagination, Tom Schalk is a man you want to work with.


          A New York-based New Yorker and a Queens College alumnus in the field of Media Studies, Tom Schalk specializes in media analysis and content production. Long an admirer of the creative arts, he always aspired to write in third-person on his website about how much he wants to give the world stories worth telling, and on any team, he is a hard worker and invested team player.

          A voice actor since 2011, Tom provides class and versatility for character and commercial work, booking with clients from around the world such as Disney, JEEP, Sound Cadence, and more from the comfort of his home thanks to patching services such as Source Connect and Discord. If you've played Wasteland 3 or Lethal League Blaze, you might just already know what those years of experience have done for him...

...and what they can do for you!

          An award-winning writer in both the creative and academic fields, Tom Schalk enjoys making people laugh, but also relating his experiences with others, playing out his ideas before an audience in a way they can reflect on their own lives. It’s not as pretentious as it sounds, I swear. I mean, HE swears, anyway -

          Sound design! Years of experience in audio production, Tom brings life to silence with high-quality sound mixing for various media, from audio dramas to animations. He also composes original music tailored to the project or individual.

          Such expertise has its humble beginnings in the living room of a toddler Schalk watching Star Wars for the eighth time in a single day, flying across the room screeching like a TIE Fighter, swinging broomsticks and humming the vibration of a lightsaber’s blade. His parents loved him. All that time, he wondered how to make those sounds. In college and in the field, he would learn how. By adulthood, he casually mixes audio in memes of Dragon Ball and Transformers for no other reason but for his own amusement.

          Believe it or not, he also gets paid to do it. 

          Aside from creating (either professionally or as a pastime), Tom plays various instruments such as the guitar and ukulele. He plays strategy games and crushes his opponents at his feet*, and every now and then, he enjoys a good sandbox game, those ones that have the physics engine where you can blow stuff up and everything goes BMMMM WSHHHH Grgrgrgr all over the place.

(*citation needed)


That's it. Scram. Get outta here.

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