Video Game

Wasteland 3 (2020) - inXile Entertainment

Private Larson

Redemption’s Guild (2020) - Unlit Games

Peet Alderman, Byran Haveron,

Male Quest Giver 1-5, Spellcaster

League of Maidens (2020) - Maiden Games Inc.

General Michaels, Extras

Samurai Zero (2020) - Neo Interactive

Wraith (Lead)

Grand Guilds (2020) - Drix Studios


Whispers of a Machine (2019) - Clifftop Games

Gabriel Adamsson

Phoenix Point (2019) - Snapshot Games

Priest (Trailer)

The Forbidden Arts (2018) - Stingbot Games

Goblin, Golem

The Piano (2018) - Mistaken Visions 

John Barnerway (Lead)

NSA Intern (2018) - Black Vein Productions


Vegan Zombies (2016) - Implosive Games

Tony Pepper (Lead)

Anastronaut II: The Dark Side (2014) - Anas Abdin


Anastronaut: The Moon Hooper (2012) - Anas Abdin


Trap the Zombie! (2012) - GameTwoThree



Force of Darkness (2019) - SEIZE THE FRAME

First Order Officer

Star Wars: The Fourth Gatherers: The Novelty Desire (2019)

The Dub Gatherers

Darth Vader

Star Wars Celebration (2016) - Disney (Commercial)

Darth Vader (Lead)

Backstroke of the West (2013) The Third Gatherers

South Host (Darth Vader)


Warhammer 40K: Unsubtle Allegory (2020) - Bruva Alfabusa 

Space Marine Bobimus

Otto & Bradley: Something Fishy (2019) - Studio Venti

Richard the Cop Dog

Trojan Base Alpha (2019) - Michael Malconian


RICKvenge of the Sith (2019) - Lost Legends Films

Rick, Morty

Cloudless Rain: Last Case (2018) - Roselin Productions


Slimefoot, the Stowaway (2018) - Aether Hub

Multani (Lead)

Outer Service (2018) - Lost Legends Films

Brad the Brachiosaurus (Lead)

Vader Down (2018) - The Comic Experience

Red Leader

Bad Jojokes Collab (2018) - Daitomodachi Studios 

Jotaro Kujo, Yami Yugi

Thanos VS Avengers (2018) - Mike Bettencourt

Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Thanos

Shadow the Hedgehog vs Wario (2018) - Mike Bettencourt

Shadow the Hedgehog

Transformers G1 Redux (2014) - Fanatic Films

Optimus Prime (Lead)

Let’s Dub: Ace Attorney Investigations (2014) - Let’s Dub Project

Detective Gumshoe

Poke-Buds (2014) - Tom Schalk

Blastoise, Charizard, Cubone, Geodude, Hitmonlee


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